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Big clashes about to come at European Club Cup

Big clashes still to come at European Club Cup

After two rounds at the European Club Cup in Slovenia the strongest teams haven't faced each other yet. In the men's section the favourites haven't dropped points so far, but the reigning champions in the women's tournament surprisingly lost in the first round.

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General info

Event 27th European Club Cup for Men and 16th European Club Cup for Women | PGN: Men, Women
Dates September 24th - October 2nd, 2011
Location Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia
System 7-round Swiss
Players E.g. Ponomariov, Grischuk, Radjabov, Gelfand, Mamedyarov, Svidler, Adams, Wang Hao, Vitiugov, Moiseenko, Giri, Nepomniachtchi
Time control 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one
Prizes The first team prize in the men's section is €12,400 and in the women's €4,000.
Notes Teams consist of six players

Rounds 1-2

The first rounds of a team tournament are usually not too interesting and this year's European Club Cup is not an exception. With no less than 62 teams in the men's section, obviously the Swiss system resulted in strong teams facing much weaker teams. There were lots of 6-0's, 5½-½'s and 5-1's in both the first and the second round! The big exception was the 1.5-2.5 loss of reigning champ Cercle d'Echecs de Monte-Carlo against Giprorechtrans on the first day.

Especially the main playing hall, the Crystal Hall of the Grand Hotel, looks wonderful and from the few players we've spoken so far, the organization seems to be OK. The official website, however, is quite disappointing so far. It seems that for some reason the organizers aren't using the excellent Chess Results to process the data and so the results and standings are shown in different ways for different rounds, and aren't as easy to access as we're used to. More importantly, the transmission of the live games didn't go well during the first round.

Luckily we have some great names playing in Slovenia, such as Ponomariov, Grischuk, Radjabov, Gelfand, Mamedyarov, Svidler, Adams, Wang Hao, Vitiugov, Moiseenko, Giri and Nepomniachtchi. The legendary Viktor Korchnoi plays on board 2 for the Zurich team, behind Yannick Pelletier. Below you'll find our traditional selection of interesting games played so far, and a selection of photos. Today's round has World Cup winner Peter Svidler making his debut in Rogaska Slatina - games can be watched at different places but we like the WhyChess page the most.


The Grand Hotel in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia...

...with its splendid Crystal Hall, full of chess sets and clocks...

...and here also with players

Many big names travelled to Slovenia - here we see Pavel Eljanov and Candidates winner Boris Gelfand

The Socar team with Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Emil Sutovsky on top boards

World Cup finalist Alexander Grischuk plays for the same team

4th at the World Cup, Ruslan Ponomariov (r.) here analyzing his round 2 game with Hannes Stefansson

Anish Giri analyzing his interesting draw in round 1 with FM Markus Bawart

Hou Yifan travelled together with her mother, who makes sure the memories are captured

The legendary Viktor Korchnoi is also playing in Slovenia

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Brecht's picture

Kortchnoi still playing chess?? Amazing.....!!!! I think he even played Fischer long time ago!

Juan's picture

Fischer is (was) way younger than Victor (even Mikhail Tal).
Botvínnik, Petrosian and Kasparian are some old names to who he has played.

Knallo's picture

He played Fischer more than once!

redivivo's picture

Korchnoi played Levenfish, who was born 54 years before Fischer.

sab's picture

I did not understand how it was still possible to play until the checkmate at this level, in game 21, until I saw the last move... I really did not see that coming.

Szoker's picture

Amazing hall

and tournament

Harry_Flashman's picture

Actually Korchnoi played *all * the World Champions , since Botvinnik on. He was born in 1931.

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