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What now

What now

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Author: Jose Diaz


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verry well......!!!!!!!!!

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Why bored and dejected?

Representing his father as a liveried servant seems a bit of an unkind cut.

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take it easy… :-) it's just a well done and funny cartoon :-D

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Actually Henrik has several times referred to himself as Magnus' servant:)))

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Care to provide linnk? English, Norwegian, anything, any source is fine to back up what you said

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Ah, finally a decent one! Much better!!

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haha, I like his carpet! :D

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Good! Magnus is Magnus again, and not some....crocodile! LOL

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What now? 2900!!! :)

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The law of diminishing returns will likely prevent him from reaching 2900. The closer he tries to get to it the more that draws (even against the elite) will hurt him. Also the top players will now spend more time on studying the endgame.

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Eventually more players wil go over 2800 (inflation) so there will be more points gained when Magnus beats them.

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Good point.

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Thor is back. Oh, a deep one. Seems like I lose out on knowing everything about Carlsen. Has he read those books? Google, google. Cool stuff. Garbage. How to? What does Diaz mean with the How to?

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Is that supposed to be funny? I don't get the humour, seems a bit bland. And who is the girl?

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The Goddess of Chess. Not sure who' mythology she's from.

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The girl could actually be Lily Cole, Magnus' co-star at GStarRAW's 2014 campaign:)))

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.....or Caissa (found my ability to read)

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The girl is Caissa, the goddess of chess. See

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WC trophy in a separate shelf and rating trophy with Kasparov's face ...

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His father is one kind, objective and polite person who manages Magnus. If you want to have an interview with MC then be VERY nice to him or play basketball with MC :).

I was not sure why the philosophy books are lined up there in particular Zapffe who was a Norwegian philosopher known for his somewhat negative views on human existence. Some of those views your truly agrees with.

As regards Caissa being considered the goddess of Chess is somewhat controversial as she is Italian character and Italians themselves neither invented Chess nor are very good at it. Also her depiction was a naked women self obsessed with her looks, not very worthy of Chess IMHO.

Another observation on having the Madras tiger skin as a carpet well Anand may not be a WC anymore but he still has a lot of chess to play.

As far as "what next" well he has to face the next challenger (likely to be Kramnik) and has to bear the pressure of winning every tournament as will be expected from the WC and World #1

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"If you want to have an interview with MC then be VERY nice to him or play basketball with MC :)"

Didn't work for Peter Doggers! LOL
Nice try, tho...

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"has to bear the pressure of winning every tournament as will be expected from the WC and World #1"

Just like Kramnik and Anand always did :)

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Anand hardly played, my friend. He just sat on his throne.

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Italians aren't very good at chess? Ridiculous. Just go to any database and look at Greco's record against NN.

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Jose is in cruel mood. This drawing is brilliant !

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Funny cartoon. Very telling Carlsen is looking away from the girl !

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very telling, the real S3 is looking at Carlsen !

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Very telling, Anonymous is looking at the real S3 !

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I find the prescence of Zapffe's book very appropriate. "What now?" indeed.

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Brilliant ! xD haha..

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Well maybe he could defend the title, history shows it is hard to defend the title. Look at Capablanca, Fischer, Euwe or 51 to 63 where the World Champion never won a World Championship match.

I dont see why Carlsen should be bored as soon as he's climbed out of the swimming pool

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I have to go on record here, as it's been a few days, to say no one mentioned or questioned why the plate MC's father is holding is so large. What's under the lid?

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It seems to signify the unknown. Carlsen has accomplished so many BIG things that who knows "What's next?"

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