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Which book is Magnus Carlsen reading?

The following books have been mentioned or reviewed in New In Chess magazine 2014#4.

The World Champions I Knew
by Genna Sosonko

"I was reading Genna Sosonko's book, The World Champions I Knew. I liked his article on Tal. My impression was that during tournaments Tal liked to read all the time, occasionally play soms different games, and also, of course, his main hobby was to drink and play blitz. Maybe that is something I should consider doing more of during tournaments. But especially the reading part I think is a very healthy thing to do during tournaments."
Magnus Carlsen, Interview in New In Chess

Steamrolling the Sicilian
Play for a Win with 5.f3!
by Sergey Kasparov

"I read the book cover to cover during an one-hour train journey and I enjoyed it greatly. The author lightens up the text with non-chess digressions and little flashes of humour. So, the book is defintely recommended. But I am not sure about the opening! That move 5.f3 is amazingly slow."
Matthew Sadler, New In Chess

The Extreme Caro-Kann
Attacking Black with 3.f3
by Alexey Bezgodov

"Again a very impressive book. I have to say I was quite shocked that such a positional player like Smyslov (15th Game of his 1958 match against Botvinnik) should play such an eccentric move. However as Bezgodov points out, 3.f3 does have a sound positional basis: the pawn on f3 helps White maintain his pawn on e4 and thus negates Black's main idea in the Caro-Kann which is to punch a hole in White's double pawn centre and gain a development square for his light-squared bishop."
Matthew Sadler, New In Chess

Sabotage the Grünfeld
A Cutting-Edge Repertoire for White based on 3.f3
by Larry Kaufman

"Horror. This is the first book I have ever read where the author has heavily annotated variations with computer evaluations (such as +0.35). I really don't like (this) idea (..) Putting aside these rantings, it has to be said that the author has put in a conscientious job. (..) filled to the brim with recent games and (computer) analysis."
Matthew Sadler, New In Chess

The Ultimate Anti-Grünfeld
A Sämisch Repertoire
by Dmitry Svetushkin

"Excellent. The 3.f3 system is pretty complex with many transpositional possibilities so I realy appreciated the way Svetushkin structures the material. It doesn't make the opening simple to learn, but this book definitely makes it possible!"
Matthew Sadler, New In Chess

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