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Get it for FREE: Yearbook 111, just released

Yearbook 111 has arrived and you can get it for FREE by subscribing today!
In this issue of the Chess Player's Guide to Opening News you will find answers to urgent questions like:

  • How can White avoid a grandmaster draw in the Symmetrical English?
  • Does Sadler’s novelty 13...b6!! kill the Milner-Barry Gambit?
  • Are there still new ideas to be found in the King’s Gambit?
  • Will Larsen’s 8...Ba5 experience a revival in the Nimzo?
  • Is 7.cd5 the gambit of the future in the Classical QI? Or is Fridman’s 7.0-0?
  • What can be done against Kramnik’s iron treatment of the 1...d5 Réti?
  • Has Anand refuted Aronian’s Anti-Anti-Marshall?
  • Does Harikrishna’s 9.Nc6 + 10.e5 mean big trouble for Black in the Scheveningen Sicilian?
  • How can Black avoid the English Attack vs the Taimanov?
  • Is Ljubojevic’ plan with 10.Rd1 still a nuisance for Black in the Paulsen Sicilian?

To get Yearbook 111 for FREE, choose the Special Offer and subscribe today (only available for the paperback edition, and for new subscribers).

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