June 25, 2014 10:39

Big Change Coming: Forwarding to Chess.com

A huge change is coming to ChessVibes: on Friday, June 27th we will start forwarding all news articles to Chess.com's news pages. This also means that readers won't be able to leave comments anymore on ChessVibes.

On October 3rd, 2013 we announced the big news that Chess.com had acquired ChessVibes. It was the start of a great combination, with our news reporting added to Chess.com's platform & community.

However, since then many times I was asked: "What will happen to ChessVibes?" In our original press release we wrote: "ChessVibes.com will continue to exist for several months while its archive of content is transferred to Chess.com." But that was almost nine months ago.

And, indeed, what would be the best future for ChessVibes? Should it be merged totally with Chess.com, or should it continue to exist? And in what form?

We have now decided to go for a compromise: we'll keep ChessVibes up, but clicking on the news articles will lead you to Chess.com's version of the article. So, for example, if you are on the ChessVibes homepage, and you click on “Three-day Tour Carlsen (& Aronian) Through Armenia”, you will end up here. (Note that old articles will stay online here; only articles published after June 27th will link to Chess.com.)

That's not a big deal actually: the content will be exactly the same, only the location is different. The site design is different, and perhaps less attractive to some of our readers, but in fact very soon Chess.com's design will be significantly changed, and yes, it will look more like ChessVibes actually!

The biggest change will be the comments section - since you'll be reading the news on Chess.com, there is no way anymore to leave a comment here on ChessVibes. Obviously we gladly invite you to create a free account on Chess.com, where you can pick your own username, so you can still remain more or less anonymous and join the discussion under the articles there.

I hope that everyone here who has always contributed in a positive way to the debate, will join me at Chess.com. We're in this together. ;-)

All the best,

Peter Doggers

We'll start forwarding you to Chess.com from Friday, June 27th, 2014. Again, to leave comment (or to play chess!) on Chess.com you only need to create a FREE account once.


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Author: Peter Doggers


RS's picture

There goes my freedom of internet speech. Now everyone will know that i talk too much but have little to show in terms of real chess.

Please don't do it.

Chessvibes Trolls

AngeloPardi's picture

Don't worry, I'm on both site and there are just as much trolls on chess.com. Who can also beat anybody at chess but have a rating around 1023

BeAware's picture

AWFUL - I just noticed you have to be registered on chess.com to post!! This is just so bad! Please cheane it, so I can stil say something without running the effort to get a fake email.

frenchfries1's picture

RIP chessvibes!!!

I enjoy reading the flamewar here, for so many years
chessbomb wasnt born yet.

chessbase has recently add a comment section, I think they barrowed ...

sayonara chessvibes and all you guys

I <3 u all, LOL

Follower's picture

Shame, my work's internet filter treats Chessvibes as a news site (which is allowed) and chess.com as a gaming site (which is blocked). So from friday on I can't browse this site anymore during the day for chess news. I can imagine a lot of other site users are placed in the same predicament.

Claude's picture

Same here, chess.com is blocked at work, private laptop is monopolized by kids and wife..


Anonymous's picture

Stop whining that you can no longer be paid by your employer to browse chessvibes.

observer's picture

I don't have a job anyway so what do I care about blocked sites?

s3's picture

Shit, Chessvibes is closing, I'd better get my spoofing in while I can. Bwaaah, I'm not gonna be able to pull all my crap anymore - guys, what am I gonna do?? Getting really depressed now, going to have to double my medication.

observer's picture

Best comments in random order: bronkenstein, nima, thomas, fritschy, mishan and s3. Maybe I forget 1 or 2 names.The rest won't be missed.

s3's picture

Aaaah, sorry bronkenstein, nima, thomas, fritschy, mishan. I've just realised praise from me sort of poleaxes you really.
Sorry about that guys, guess I should think a bit more before pressing the 'Post' button.

Anonymous's picture

Speak English, s3.

Extremophile's picture

I am in

Goendi's picture

Same here. And they could easy adjust to that, but they don't. I reported it already several times.

It is logic corporate entities don't allow games at work. News at work is however no issue. I could ask to unblock chess.com easy if I like - but I don't. It's just about principle: if you tag your site in such a way it is marked as a gaming site, then you are not a news site. So yes - RIP ChessVibes. And a big fail chess.com admins are not able to adjust it imho...

Frits Fritschy's picture

The chess.com design has certainly always been less attractive to this reader. The three main reasons:
- After the 'pub-feel' of chessvibes, you get a coffee counter in a shopping mall.
You just drink your cup here and speed to your job, you won't won't stay to enjoy some conversation and a few drinks with other regulars. Very personal, of course, but the place could do with a little less colour and clipart. A bit more space between the different parts wouldn't be a luxury (or assign separate frames for separate parts of the page, like here on chessvibes).
- The font looks like being designed for a 10-year old cell phone.
Letter spacing is still bad; see (in the linked Armenia article) the distance between h and t in the first word 'Right', compared to the combination 'ell' in 'travelled' two lines down. This makes for tiresome reading. Even if you don't immediately spot things like this, your eyes will feel there is something wrong. The bold type in the main text is just terrible - designed when it was still necessary to keep the number of pixels to an absolute minimum. There is an ever growing number of good, specialized web and phone fonts nowadays, so down the drain with this one.
- The comment section looks like a review page of a holiday company.
Too much positivism is killing for a forum. And why should you take the time to write something more substantial when no one can react directly? Others can of course react, but their reaction will get lost between the 'quite amazing's' and 'how beautiful's'. A good forum needs discussion and the lay-out should support that.

I've never been very open-handed with regard to compliments. This site has for many years been the first thing to look at in the morning, apart from my e-mail. I hope that says enough.
Apart from the three things I mentioned what I don't like about chess.com, there is of course something else: I don't like changes. Even with all the trolls, fanboys, angry birds and obstinacy, I will miss this place.
I'm looking forward to the changes to the chess.com layout. I hope they will win me over.

Greco's picture

Well lets hope it doesnt..

Coco Loco's picture

I believe chess.com has a forum section. There, people can start and respond to threads, and hopefully (though I doubt it) keep the conversation on topic. As a public service, I may start the following threads in an attempt to divert the trolls:
- Magnus magnificus best ever (= God);
- Naka USA! USA! USA!;
- Kramnik and me.

Frits Fritschy's picture

Yes, I noticed the forum section. Let's say it's nice there is a place for everyone. So I support your public service initiative: send the children to the back room.
My two main problems with it (even when a thread is interesting and participants stay on topic): Firstly, it's not directly connected with the news section. Secondly, there is no direct connection between comment and reaction(s), like on chessvibes. I won't go there.

Leo's picture

"Kramnik and me", lol. Also known as the "Thomas Richter Diaries"?

Thomas Richter's picture

The way I understood the comment, it's rather supposed to be a place for people who don't like Kramnik (unlike the fans-only threads on Carlsen and Nakamura).

Leo's picture

Really? Perhaps you're right. I thought it sounded rather romantic. Anyway, just kidding :)

Grandma's picture

@ Thomas You never stop to surprise me,

Even on this topic you manage to bring the names of the two guys you dislike most, (Carlsen and Nakamura) AND your favorite player (Kramnik) into discussion.

How is it possible? ;-)

Anonymous's picture

The "fans only" threads on Carlsen are the ones where 50% of the posts are endless monologues by Thomas declaring why Carlsen was lucky and is unsympathetic, 40% are by S3 declaring why Carlsen is a horrible person, 9% are from various supporters of said trolls and 1% is from some deluded Carlsen fanboy who claims that Carlsen played a good game :)

Thomas Richter's picture

How is it possible that you don't realize whom I responded to? 1) Coco Loco who brought up this topic, 2) Leo who connected it with my name.

Anonymous's picture
Grandma's picture

Where are your sense of humor, Thomas? ;)

"Always look at the bright side of life"

Germany, Belgium and Holland has top results in Football VM, and I'm happy about it.

Congratulations with the German effort so far! :-)

Did Germany won because they are lucky?

NO, they are good, despite some negative comments in SPON and other German newspapers.

WHY are not Denmark, Sweden and Norway in Brasil at all?

Because the are unlucky?

NO, because they are not good enough.

Just as in chess.

The best players win, and in chess there are significant less luck than in football, because there is only one person versus an opponent, unlike soccer where there is a team.

The weather doesn't matter much in chess, and neither do the arbiters.

The best players are the most "lucky" because they are simply - the best!

Good night! :-)

Anonymous's picture

Grandma is a troll but she doesn't know it yet herself. The sheer stupidity combined with shameless hypocrisy is astounding. Instead of an acknowledgement of her mistake-or is it intentional troll framing after all- and apologizing more senseless drivel. I'm glad we soon get rid of her comments.

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Man I won't miss YOU. Makes it all worth it in fact.

observer's picture

A brilliant initial comment you came up with.
I implore you to go to Chess.com if Thomas goes there!

notregistered-neverwill's picture

I hope I dont have to be registered to say something there.

Anonymous's picture

I wonder if the person who is obsessive about his delusions will now quietly go away or will instead pollute the other site with his nutjob ravings.

Anonymous's picture

Don't worry, I'll stay. How could I not follow the object of my affection?

Anonymous's picture

Luckily you well be drowned in the noise

observer's picture

Depends if enough Chessvibes posters go there and can turn it into a good forum. If they do, and it starts talking common sense, you can bet s3 and Thomas will be on the way there to try and wreck it.

greco's picture

Some people are delusional, some are obsessive. Observer is both when it comes to thomas & s3.
Will he find a way to give meaning to his life without them?!

observer's picture

Looks like s3 has decided to spoof you now, greco.
Not only delusional and obsessive, but quite juvenile with it. Truly a sick saddo. Certainly won't be missed.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Peter,

Big fan of the site and your work.
One comment from me is that I would really rather this didn't happen as I will no longer be able to access the news articles from my work computer (reasonable personal internet use is allowed during lunch-hour, etc.), as it treats Chess.com as a 'black-listed' games site, but ChessVibes.com as a news site.

The world doesn't revolve around me only, but perhaps this is something which hadn't been considered and no doubt affects many more avid readers of your news articles.

All best

Q's picture

Agree with above guy.
This is the end of good readership for chessvibes. Chess.com is some American orientated its nauseating not to even mention their comments. We had a good run, shame.

ME's picture

With all due respect, you have just surrendered yourself Mr. Doggers. You have taken the wrong turn of your dream.

Coco Loco's picture

Judging by http://www.chessvibes.com/?q=my-second-im-norm, you are mistaken, Mr. ME, unless you have some deeper insight into Mr. Doggers's dream world.

jimknopf's picture

Time to say thanks and goodbye.

Chess.com is no place like Chessvibes and from my view can't replace it in any way.

The comments section here was easy and fast to use, in close connection to actual events, while the chess.com forum is not connected to actual events and discussing them and looks like a widespread place of assorted garbage in comparison.

So thanks again for the time a chess forum was really useable, despite a few trolls, and all the best to Peter!

chesshire cat's picture

I looked at the chess.com comments section, and it is, frankly, just rubbish.
Oh well, it was nice while it lasted here. Thanks Peter.

Anonymous's picture

It's "just rubbish" here too.

Frits Fritschy's picture

There is quite a difference between how things are made and how things are used.

Anonymous's picture

Trolls are trolls everywhere. They are tolerated (and probably welcome) here because of the traffic generated by petty "discussions". The comment section won't be missed :-)

Chess.com is rubbish too, I'd never go there.

jimknopf's picture

The chess.com forum is rubbish, and this here was not, and the trolls couldn't do anything about tha difference.

Grandma's picture

But you, @jimknopf, and quite a lot of other people who write good comments, can make a difference.

As I said in my last comment:

It's up to the users how the comment section on Chess.com is going to be in the future.. :)

The end of ChessVibes as we know it's picture

problem is there it will get swamped with nonsense intermediate comments...

Anonymous's picture

jimknopf master of plattitudes, otherwise pretty boring and predictable


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