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Game of Thrones

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Author: Jose Diaz


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Nice. I don't understand the yellow boot on the Rapid an. Blitz.

I would prefer depicting a larger group of participants instead of these few as both the events were well partucipated.

Nepo who was one of the leaders does not even figure here. Looks like its only the golden boy who matters to all.

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The yellow boots mean both thrones are occupied too! ... by the champ of course

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Hahaaaaa! In place of ThoMOUSE and S3 on d blitz and rapid thrones respectively, THORsen put his boots!

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Diaz forgot the 4th crown for world champion cheating. Even second GM Nielsen (the man who took Anands crown) was reprimanded by an arbiter during the tournament.

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Aren't we bitter.

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Yes, you forgot the list of videos as proof...
Cut it out man

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For God's sake, must we see this nonsense of yours in every single thread? Is attention from strangers that important to you? I don't know what void in your life this fixation is meant to fill, but you need to snap out of it already.

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He took his boots off and put on in each chair to occupy them.

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Really hilarious. carlsen frustrated on not winning the norway tourney as its in his own hometown..u gotta be embarrassed not to win it on your own soil. but being triple champ is much better.

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Norway Chess was not played in Carlsen's hometown...

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What would make anyone think that the thing on Carlson's mind upon winning the chess triple crown is a second place finish in a relatively unimportant event?!

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Fantastic cartoon.

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The boots are tiger-style boots, which were taken from Anand.

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Nice detail! Great cartoon, LOL

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Please offer only serious chess content on Chessvibes. There are many interesting tournaments going on, including the International at the Marshall Chess Club (15 y.o. Chandra got his first GM norm.).

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Are you serious?

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Please keep the cartoons, they are great!

This guy is clearly a Carlsen-hater, probably s3.

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@ observer

Not everyone who has a different opinion than your is S3 or a Carlsen-hater.

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Now I know for sure it's s3.

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Seek treatment for OCD.

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Carlsen and Ana is now a new couple?

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Ana? Anna? Which one?

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Yeah, but she was down in the lobby in the early hours of the morning with Aronian and Caruana - watching them play bughouse after the tournament. She was not with Carlsen...
Love the pictures she takes though

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That is to divert her and MC from media. Aronian have girlfriend and Caruana has secret affair, too. MC and her has this kind of Chemistry. :) You can see from Ana's eyes. :)

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I've seen those two recently :) :) I think they're attached with each other. They're cute couple. Where MC is She's there, too. I Anastasiya for MC. :)

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Anastasiya Karlovich

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No! Me want Hou Yifan for Carlsen! A Breed of these two world champs is our only hope to beat Stockfish.

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you guys r out of ur mind. carlsen with houyifan should never happen! cant let chinese rule the chess world. if it happens, chess is doomed. anna n carlsen are better. swallow that ya'll.

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Perhaps we'd better arrange for Judit to get divorced, then.

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I would love that Judit and Carlsen :) haha. whew! both no. 1.

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Why not Susan Polgar? She reminded everyone that she was the first to have the triple crown and not Carlsen. Then their family would be sixfold crown holders.

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Yes, I have no problem with Susan Polgar for MC. They're cute together, :) They'll make human Komodo. :)

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Not possible because Judith has an affair with Wesley So LOL!

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That's good combination :) I hope MC will court Hou Yifan. wahhhhhh. They'll produce Human Houdini.

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Who do you think is the beautiful chess WGM who will fell in Magnus trap? I mean fell in love? Aside from _______?

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Anna Muzychuk may be

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The Kosintseva sisters! (Nazdezhda is already married I think, may be that is why we see her less).

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Humpy is getting married soon. But there is another cute Indian girl: Tania Sachdev.

She was there when Magnus won his first crown.

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Ushinina. She is very beautiful. She and Magnus could do modelling together.

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Anna Muzychuk claimed the title of the Women's 2014 World Blitz Champion with 23/30 points, leaving the nearest follower 2,5 points behind.

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I think The Polgars's will be the best for Magnus!

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What, all three of them? Three crowns, three wives?

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Tree crows is more easy then tree wives!

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Carlsen is still young, He can handle the Polgar sisters. :)

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Who do you think Carlsen like among these WGM to become his h

a. Polgar
b. Hou Yifan
c. Anna Ushenina
d. Tania Sachdev
e. Anna Muzychuk
f. Anastasiya Karlovich
g. Kosintseva sister


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