February 17, 2014 10:54

Swiss Win-Win Clock

© 2014, José Diaz




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Author: Jose Diaz


Smeagol's picture

I was in Mordor. NEVER AGAIN.

Simon's picture

I was expecting something with Sauron, a hobbit and a ring with the inscription 37. d6.

petar's picture

I expected Carlsen to be a crocodile again. It was funnier.

jon's picture

At last! Been wating for this and I was not disappointed. Excellent Diaz!!!

petar's picture

Is Carlsen a involuntary victim of well-meant humour? The dose of humour seems too high to has a good reason.

Anonymous's picture

it is a purile stupid cartoon for those of sub-optimal intelligence- cuckoo bah!

petar's picture

If someone wants, let him uncover the details for me, I'll accept whatever. If no one wants to do it everybody of us is free to choose how to see the picture. This is my word.

james pack's picture

Does Gelfand wear Glasses?

petar's picture

I think his secondant provided him with sunglasses.

miguelanjelo's picture

Why only Aronian and Caruana have something in his ears?

petar's picture

I don't care why ;)

Alvaro Frota's picture

Because Aronian and Caruana do not loose to Carlsen considering the Classical and Rapid results.

Zzzz's picture

Levon is the smartest! He wears earplugs :)

Ralph's picture

Again funny and so striking. It speaks for itself. Like always, after watching a bit, I found some more details and metaphors.
But I have to mention, these kind of clock (Kuckucksuhr) is from Black Forrest, Germany.

Zzzz's picture

Nakamura will win the Candidates and will defeat Carlsen in the match!

petar's picture

I think so too

Anonymous's picture

naka is not in the candidate tourney- maybe b 4 he is 30

Helmer's picture

ha ha ha :D
the annoying Carlsen bird always wins
(with the reliabilty of a Swiss clockwork).
opponents dont like to play him anymore.

petar's picture

Only Nakamura is not afraid of him, and partly Aronian.

Anonymous's picture

With a combined score of 4-16 against him and no win in five years maybe they would do better if they were a bit afraid.

the real S3's picture

Uhm, Carlsen lost f.i. against Caruana just a couple of months ago at the Tal memorial. It seems to me that those who are not intimidated (or irritated, like Gelfand is) by his antics, those who play at their normal level, have decent scores against Carlsen. Nakamura is clearly not one of them btw, but apart from afraid he is also clearly weaker.

Anonymous's picture

Yes, Aronian is intimidated by Carlsen, that's why he hasn't won in five years, And Kramnik is intimidated, that's why he hasn't beaten him in four years. And Grischuk is too, that's why he never has beaten him. Oh, and Toplaov and Ivanchuk, that's why their score against Carlsen is so bad. And Anand, of course. Naka is not intimidated, just weaker.

Anonymous's picture

OH is the Bird Carlsen. I thought it was Aronian. Looks like him same glasses and chin.
Anyway I dont see any humor in this.
Saw funnier things before.

petar's picture

Is Carlsen afraid of Diaz?:-)

Anonymous's picture

Kramnik has plus score against carlsen u fool

Anonymous's picture

You are the fool. Kramnik hasn't beaten Carlsen since 2010, and their classical score is 4 - 4.

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