December 22, 2013 10:23

Chessmanian Devil

What now

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Author: Jose Diaz


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Yes, that's him. Fitting. Cool.

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Umm....who is this Taz? Doesn't look like any GM chessplayer... ?!

Bartleby's picture

You have to look at the smile in his eyes.

Anonymous's picture

Kramnik is elegantly preparing for the candidates, naka has to look like a tornado but in fact, London this year was not a major event. Chess as illusion and apparences ...

Rini Luyks's picture

Naka being the devil, Kramnik's 65...Kf6 might also be a big pile of shit instead of a banana peel

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His gurl Cartoons are even worse!! Sucks at Those... but generally I have fun looking at them.Nothing wrong with him..have fun or ignore. I have to ask chess .com Why is it now that everytime I go to your site..I'm peppered with ads frowm all over the place? I won't come back if this keeps up.

Bob's picture

Brace yourself Mike. Now that chess .com has taken over, it's all down hill from here. Chessvibes will never be the same.

Crow T Robot's picture

No one will care if you don't come back.

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I hope he got some decent buks for the that NOBODY is going to follow it now..haha...good on him.

The Real Anonymous's picture

Google CHESS and the number one chess site will be at the top of the results. Therefore I doubt they will miss you.

Anonymous's picture

You missed your calling as a spin doctor if you equate SEO to relevance. Oh wait...nvm.

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Hey! I have an impostor! Look above! haha..

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Have you guys ever heard about add block?

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Anonymous's picture

Wow that is bad!

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Question to chessvibes:

You have been collecting questions to Magnus Carlsen for an interview. Can we expect anything to follow or was that completely canceled by Carlsen?

Anonymous's picture dare you mention that! Censor Commission on its way...

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El ajedrez a la TV con ajedrez rápido y de hecho llegara mas rápido si es Blitz formato eliminación simple, tipo tenis, el mas pintado, el numero 1 empieza desde la ronda 1.

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