November 24, 2013 9:06

Chess King Croc

Lost & Found

© 2013, José Diaz




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Author: Jose Diaz


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hahaha ? lol

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ohh that tiger's tail ;)

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The croc ate the tiger?

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Was expecting better, what a let down just like the match.

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Well, some subjects are just not funny

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yep- no up to much - doesn't tell the story of the match

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Me gusta ,gracias.

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I understand the tiger preference with Anand, after all they do have tigers in India. But crocodile-Carlsen?? We don't have crocodiles in Norway. José Diaz has always portrayed Carlsen as a viking. Why stop? Am I missing something??? I mean, if anything, why not a polar bear???

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agreed ! I love jose drawings but this one seems odd

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I completely agreed!!!!!!!

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2nd the motion :) (Carlsberg say's he's a Croc, when ask, what king of animal if you... know ? he say "crocodile " Carlsen :)

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A crocodil waits and does nothing all day. He only strikes when his prey offers itself right in front of him. A croc is cold and ugly and profits from the clumsyness of his prey.

The gracious tiger on the other hand actively hunts his prey, stalking it before striking with spectacular action.

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...or being eaten by a crocodile...

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Crocodile because MC himself said that he would prefer to be a crocodile if not a human being!

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In an interview, Carlsen was asked what animal he would be. He answered that he would be a crocodile.

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In an interview Carlsen answered the question what animal he would like to be if he hadn't been himself with: A crocodile. He just lies around and eats everything that passes by. That explains the use of the crocodile in this great cartoon.

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I see, thank you:)

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Except that in the cartoon, the crocodile had to walk to the tiger's throne first. Of course, in reality Carlsen also had to go to Anand's home city to get the crown.

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However in the wild even though the crocodile is happy to lunch on anything that he can grab in the water he does not threaten tigers on land. He will however steal the tiger's food if he leaves it for a moment. There is a video or a series of photos that caught an unfortunate giant crocodile too far away from the water - he became cat food.

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If Magnus is a crocodile it seems we have to wait for a chess Boa then :-)

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If you read Spanish (or can translate the page) you'll understand, and will also enjoy an excellent article on Carlsen by the best Chess Journalist on the Planet, Mr. Leontxo Garcia. Check it out:

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cool! and this is mine.... :)

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Yours is bad as well...

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Why a crocodile ?!?!?

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I prefer to see Magnus as a big white shark. Green as a croc, doesn't correspond to his caracter.

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how very much to the point ....

carlsen actually has simply disappeared. he hasn't given any interview yet. he is shockingly not interested in anybody or anything except himself.

this young man is simply a lout, I'm sorry to say.
judging from what could be read little Magnus has always been allowed to do what he wanted, mummy and daddy have been ever so proud letting him do anything - no wonder he behaves the way he does (now, at press conferences...) - he simply doesn't want to talk about chess ... he feels no obligation or any decent understanding of the world outside himself ....

there is a friendly word for this ... NARCISSISM
there is also a more realistic pathological word for this ....

This boy a hope for the Chess World - far from it!

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SirSchratz - I pray that the Lord may remove the hate from your heart.

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+1 but those who hate never agree they hate

Anonymous's picture

don't be sorry TO SAY
just be sorry for yourself

you are a very sick man

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LOL - If players take a breath between the end of such a match and the final ceremony, instead of giving proud interviews, you call that narcissm???

The only rude and uneducated people, whose mummys and daddy must have done a bad job according to your funny kitchen psychology, seem to be some of the slightly disordered kind which you can meet in this forum.

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Even if the premise were true -- there have been post-championship interviews e.g., with the NYTimes, New in Chess, etc. -- the rationale here is so assbackwards it's absurd.

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He has given plenty of comments and short interviews to journalists in Chennai.

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Wow, that was one sad, sad post. Breaks my heart to see a person so embittered by another's success.

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In the interview immediately after he won the title he seemed quite gracious. What did he say wrong?

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The ceremony isn't until tomorrow, so I doubt he has disappeared. Calling somebody narcisistic, because he/she don't enjoy talking about themselves to the world should be a first.

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@MM + 1

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He's proud to be WCH. Let it be.

One should seek for happiness in life. Seeking for improvement on move 40, in front of a computer screen for days and days, is that enjoying life?

Exhausting your opponents in drawn endgames, is that being number one? Or is it called, youth stamina?

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I thought when he said Crocodile was his favorite animal, Magnus wanted to convey a hidden but known message. Crocodile does not have to kill its prey by itself, just eat of what is killed or half-killed(wounded) by others.

Its drawn! by Diaz! The chess king Croc!

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" Crocodile does not have to kill its prey by itself, just eat of what is killed or half-killed(wounded) by others."

Except this is simply nonsense you made up to support your point.

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I was expecting carlsen as a Thor, this looks at least strange.

Simon's picture

Carlsen as Thor, with Hammer in hand!

The opportunity was too good to let go.

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Yes, Carlsen is a crocodile - an ambush predator. Many critics of his on this site find this blameworthy and illegitimate, and they want to deny him his laurels because he's not chasing his prey down in dramatic cheetah like fashion. I say they should learn to broaden the scope of what they understand and appreciate.

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I take offense to this depiction of myself.

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Carlsen,s strength is his endgame, His opponents will sure exploit his weakness in the opening

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> We don't have crocodiles in Norway

You have one now. Congratulations to the one and only tiger-eating crocodile from Norway.

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Thorodile's Hammer is elsewhere, celebrating.

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That was kinda BAD!!!
Make a new one, please. Seriously!

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At least the tiger is toothless in this picture, so that is kinda accurate.


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