June 15, 2014 10:20

Chessy Tunes

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Author: Jose Diaz


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:)))) awesome

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I ike Putin (I mean, only in this cartoon...). Unfortunately he doesn't look quite impatial...

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* like

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Kasparov trying to hunt down Bugs Kirsan (Ilyumzhinov) to snap the FIDE presidency from him. However, it looks like he's gonna fail to do so, just like Karpov in 2010, especially since Putin the bear helped Bugs Kirsan out with finding a place for the world championship match. :D

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Chessy OR Cheesy??

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Funny how Kirsan is always outsmarting the bad guys.

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Go Kirsan! The greatest!

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Nice try, but a few such entries on chesspages won't change Kirsan's image...
Actions! Actions speak louder than words. Try this one instead ;-)

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'Kirsan' is not a respectful enough way to refer to PRESIDENT-FOR-LIFE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

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That's cooooool,who's the rabbit

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The rabbit's name is on the mailbox.

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Bear season wasn't good for Kaspy, I hope (probably just hoping too much) He gets a better in the rabbit season.

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Is that Sochi behind the bear?

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Kasparov is just a fool hunting on rabbitts and he always will be.

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This sort of material is not appropriate to a serious chess website. There is plenty of chess news to report. Or interviews with top players....Or book reviews.

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Haha you must be Kasparov!

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That's cooooool,, whys the river pink :)

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Priceless :)

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Kaspy should have donned his spear and magic helmet - that worked for him in the end!

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This is certainly one of the best in the series. My humble opinion. Very good!

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