November 24, 2013 9:06

Chess King Croc

Lost & Found

© 2013, José Diaz




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Author: Jose Diaz


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Carlsen is relaxing on the beach.
Playing volyball drinking bear having the time of his life.
Making your life dream come true at 23 is so unusual.
He must be relaxing and replaying his life. Allowing himself maybe to be a bit philosofical

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Has the Anand Team been disassembled finally? They lost his hard-earned title. Everyone sucking up to Magnus just because he is the WC is ok, but there are limits. We all know what he did those summers.

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Subtlety: the official reign of Carlsen starts November 22 or 25 and why?

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For thoes who don't know why its a croc.. its because in an interview Carlsen was asked if he had to be an animal which he'd wish to be and he chose that animal.

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The cartoon exactly not depicting the situation. I am not defending Anand's lame chess. However I did not see a great chess by Carlsen in this match. Anand's chess quality clearly deteriorated from the Gelfand's ,match onward. He did not admit that fact then. we better congratulate Carlsen for now and abolish this classical format for good.

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you didn't see great chess by Carlsen because he didn't want you to see

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It is very likely that you didn't see great chess from Carlsen because you are simply unable to see it. Please go be a hater somewhere else.

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My king is dead, so I quit chess.

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Don't give up !
The Lion nevers dies . Sooner or later , he will kill the crocodile.

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Very funny, a bit rude , but that's life, certainly there's still 40% of the prize-money for the "runner-up" (it seems ther was no loser in this match, just a winner and a runner-up, or better (in the spirit of the cartoon) a "runner-down", towards the croc's stomach! :)

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Man this is awesome work lol,keep it up jose.


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